Hawthorn blossom (Crataegus monogyna flores)

Hawthorn is a shrub or tree. The blossoms are collected from late April to mid-May. It is picked early in the morning to keep the blossom whole. It is dried at a very low temperature. It is soothing and improves the cardiovascular system of man.

Tale of gloga :

In the distant kingdom of green meadows and noisy forests, where ancient trees hold ancient secrets, grows a humble but majestic plant – the hawthorn. With its delicate white blossoms, it not only beautifies the landscape, but also possesses magical properties that help all who know how to use them. Here is the story of the hawthorn blossom and its miraculous powers.


Chapter One: The Keeper of Hearts

There was a wise healer in the kingdom who discovered that the colors of the gloga had the extraordinary ability to strengthen and heal the hearts of men. He brewed them into a tea that he gave to those suffering from heart disease, seeing their faces quickly brighten with new hope and strength. The gloga blossom became known as the “Keeper of Hearts,” blessing anyone who sought its help.


Chapter Two: The Stress Shield

In time, the healer realized that the colors of the gloga not only cured the diseases of the heart, but also protected the soul from stress and anxiety. He began using them in his soothing elixirs that helped people find peace and balance in difficult times. Thus hawthorn also became the “Shield Against Stress”, the guardian of peace and harmony.

Chapter Three.

One evening when the moon shone brightly in the sky, a young girl prayed for peaceful sleep as her nights were restless. The healer, hearing her pleas, gave her a pillow filled with hawthorn blossoms. That night, the girl fell asleep like magic and dreamed sweet dreams. From then on, the hawthorn flower was called the “Herald of Sleep,” bestowing peaceful nights and sweet dreams.

Chapter Four: The Wreath of Love

After years of observation, the healer discovered that the colors of the gloga could also be a powerful love amulet. He created wreaths of the flowers and gave them to lovers to strengthen their bond and love for each other. Thus, the hawthorn became known as the “Love Wreath”, watching over hearts bound by the purest feelings.


Conclusion: the Magic of Gloga

Thus the flower of the gloga continued to bless the lands of the kingdom with its miraculous properties – strengthening hearts, protecting against stress, bestowing restful sleep and guarding love. To this day, if you listen in the silence of the forest, you can hear the whispers of the gloga flowers telling their age-old secrets to all who are willing to listen and learn from nature’s wisdom.


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