Linden blossom (Tilia argentea flores)

The linden is a tree. The blossoms begin to gather in June right through to mid-July in the taller and denser woods. It dries in the shade. Beneficial to the excretory and respiratory systems.

Tale of the linden blossom:

In a peaceful valley, where the sun caresses the grasses and the wind brings songs from distant lands, grew a majestic linden tree. Its tall branches were like protectors to the little creatures beneath them, and its blossoms gave off a gentle, soothing fragrance that made every evening a celebration of peace and tranquility.

Chapter One: The Song of the Bees

The bees of the valley adored the lime tree more than anything. They danced around it, gathering its nectar to produce honey, which was known for its healing properties. Lime honey was like gold to the people of the valley – they used it to strengthen their immune systems and as a remedy for colds and flu.

Chapter Two: The Soothing Tea

The valley dwellers knew another secret of the linden tree – the tea made from its blossoms was a miraculous elixir against insomnia and stress. Every night, they prepared a cup of this tea, which immersed them in a deep and restorative sleep full of sweet dreams.


Chapter Three: the Shield Against the Wind

Not only did the linden tree bestow its blossoms for healing and comfort, but its mighty branches also protected the homes in the valley from the violent summer storms. Residents were grateful for this role as a guardian and shield that kept them safe.

Chapter Four: The Breath of Change

In time, the linden’s fame and its healing properties spread beyond the valley’s borders. Travelers from distant lands came to see the tree and taste the magical honey and tea it offered. The lime tree became a symbol of health, peace and comfort, bringing people from all over the world together under its branches.


The linden tree in the valley continued to grow and bless everyone around it with its gifts. It reminded everyone who passed through the valley of the importance of nature and its healing powers. And so the linden remained in the hearts of the people as a symbol of health, peace and community, bestowing its qualities and properties on all who sought solace

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