Lime leaf (Tilia folia)

Usually during the harvesting of linden blossom, the leaves from the twigs are also collected. They are also harvested from the shoots of lime trees between May and October. They are dried initially in the sun until the high humidity evaporates and then dried in the shade. They are very good for the cardiovascular system , regulate blood pressure , used for indigestion , gas. They stimulate the immune system to fight off infections.


A tale of lime leaves:

In a deep and noisy forest kingdom, where the trees told stories as old as the earth itself, stood a majestic linden tree. It was not just a tree, but a guardian of ancient knowledge and a fountain of healing. Its leaves, green and fragrant, held secrets of health and longevity that were shared with all the inhabitants of the forest.


Chapter One: The Whisper of the Linden

According to lore, linden leaves had the ability to soothe weary souls and heal bodies. They were rich in antioxidants that protected cells from damage and slowed aging. Forest dwellers used them to make a tea that helped with insomnia and stress, restoring peace to their hearts.


Chapter Two: The Treatment of Lipa

Linden leaves were also known for their anti-inflammatory properties. When one of the forest dwellers suffered from a cold or the flu, lime tea quickly brought them back to health. It acted quickly and relieved coughing symptoms, thus strengthening the respiratory tract.


Chapter Three: The Guardian of the Heart

Not only did the spirit and body benefit from the benefits of the linden tree, but so did the heart. Those who regularly drank tea made from its leaves said they felt an improvement in their circulation and relief from high blood pressure. Lime was a true guardian of the heart, protecting against disease and maintaining a healthy rhythm of life.


Chapter Four: Beauty Ally

Lime leaves also had the secret of beauty. Women in the forest used a decoction of them to wash their faces to keep their skin clean and fresh. They found that the lime helped reduce inflammation on the skin and gave the face a natural glow.



Linden leaves continued to be a precious gift to the inhabitants of the forest kingdom. They not only healed physical ailments, but also restored peace of mind, thus making the world around the linden tree healthier and happier. To this day, the whispers of the linden continue

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