Nettle root (Urtica radix)

Nettle is a plant growing almost everywhere in Bulgaria. It is covered with hairs, when touched it feels burning. It likes moist and shady places. It strengthens the immune system, acts as a blood suppressant, lowers blood sugar and helps in proper metabolism in the body. Nettle roots are used for anemias, digestive disorders with diarrhea, nosebleeds, heavy menstruation, hemorrhoids, kidney disease, as a diuretic, sugar sickness, chronic bronchitis, rheumatism. They also have wide use in cosmetics. They are harvested from late December to mid or late February.


A tale of nettle root :

In the deep and mysterious Bulgarian lands, where the forests whisper ancient stories and the waters hold secrets, there lived a strong and brave young man named King Marco. Legends tell of his strength. But few knew the secret of his unparalleled energy and vitality – the nettle root potion.

One of King Marco’s greatest riches was his love for a beautiful maiden, Raya, whose hair shone like gold under the sun. The secret of her beauty and radiance was in the magical power of the nettle root.

The tale begins on an ordinary day when King Marco, overcome by a desire to maintain his strength and help his loved ones, set out on a long journey in search of the legendary nettle root.

According to old stories, this root strengthened the body, improved hemoglobin in the blood and returned vitality to even the most tired souls.

After long days filled with challenges, King Marco finally found the sought-after root in the heart of a deep forest, next to a lush river guarded by the spirits of nature. He carefully gathered the roots, thanked the forest for the gift, and returned to his village.

As soon as he returned, King Marco prepared a potion from the roots. He drank it every morning and every evening, and soon everyone noticed the change – his strength became even greater and his spirit more alive. His exploits against evil monsters and malefactors became even more legendary.

It was not only King Marco who experienced the benefits of the magic root. He prepared a special potion for his beloved, adding a little honey to it for sweetness and blessing. Her hair began to shine even more, reflecting the health and beauty the potion bestowed on her entire body.

Word of the miraculous properties of the nettle root decoction spread throughout the land, and King Marco became known not only as a great warrior, but also as the keeper of ancient wisdom and health. People from far and wide set out on a journey to the village to learn the secret of its power and to take some of the magic of nettle roots into their homes.

Thanks to the potion of nettle roots, King Marco and his beloved lived many happy years filled with love, health and prosperity. And the tale of their strength and wisdom has been told from generation to generation as an everlasting symbol of the relationship between man and the gifts of nature.

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