Nettle (Urtica herba, Urtica folia)

Nettle is a plant covered with hairs, it feels burning when touched. It likes moist and shady places. It strengthens the immune system, acts as a blood thinner, lowers blood sugar and helps in proper metabolism in the body. Harvested from April to October, use the leaves, stems, seeds and roots after several years of planting.

It is also used to prepare various dishes

We had a dream. Yes. And that was cultivated nettle. Again enthusiastic with scarce knowledge , but many observations of wild nettle we decided to create our fields with this unique plant. We purchased organic, selected seeds from a leading producer in Europe. We produced seedlings on a water bed in our greenhouse. We planted in rows. We built drip irrigation. It was not an easy task, but we did it. There were some difficult moments, especially with weeding. After the second year I bought a mobile watering machine.

We collect young stalks, in three cuts a year. The yields are increasing every year. We dry it in the shade or in our dryer at 45 degrees.

Nettle Tale :

In a green and colorful kingdom called Greenleaf, among all the plants and flowers, modestly , grew the nettle. Many avoided it because of its tender hairs, which caused itching and burning when touched. But few knew of the secrets and magical properties that nettles held.


Chapter One: Greenleaf Healer

In the kingdom lived a wise healer who knew all the secrets of herbs. She loved nettles most of all, for in their leaves lay extraordinary power. Nettle juice was an elixir of health, rich in vitamins and minerals that strengthened body and spirit, improved circulation and gave strength to the exhausted.


Chapter Two: The Guardian of Healthy Hair and Skin

The Healer also used nettles to make magical potions for hair and skin. Greenleafers who used these potions had shiny hair and clear, fresh skin. Nettles were a guardian of beauty, fighting dandruff and stimulating hair growth.


Chapter Three: The Warrior Against Disease

Nettle was not only a healer and guardian of beauty, but also a mighty warrior in the battle against disease. The healer used it to make potions that eased aching joints and helped with arthritis. She was also a great enemy of allergies, thanks to her ability to improve the immune system.


Chapter Four: The Greenleaf Nutritionist

In addition to its use as medicine, nettles were a valuable food source. The healer taught the inhabitants how to prepare delicious and filling meals with nettles, rich in iron and protein. In this way, nettles became not only the guardian but also the nurturer of Greenleaf, bestowing strength and energy to all who cherished them.

Conclusion: the Magic of Nettles

In time, the inhabitants of Zelenostie understood the true value of nettles. They learned that sometimes the humblest things hold the greatest secrets and power. Nettles, once shunned, were now loved and cherished, a source of health, beauty and life in the kingdom of Zelenostie.

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