Rosehip fruit (Rosa canina)

A perennial , branching prickly shrub. Rosehip is a type of wild rose. It is widespread throughout Bulgaria. The fruits are red oval.

In the small fruit of the rosehip is found almost the entire alphabet of vitamins. Rosehip excels many fruits and vegetables in the amount of minerals and elements such as magnesium, potassium, phosphorus, sodium, it also contains flavonoids and pectins. It is a major stimulant for the formation of red blood cells and strengthens the body’s resistance forces.

It is recommended for anemias, diabetes, mental and physical fatigue, colds, avitaminosis. The fruit strengthens the heart and circulatory system, reduces high blood sugar and bad cholesterol. It is invaluable in gastrointestinal and bronchial diseases and for cleansing from toxins, as well as for good digestion. Relieves joint pain and menstrual pain, reduces feelings of hunger. Rosehip tea calms the nervous system, helps with anxiety, insomnia, depression and colds. The berries are used to treat wounds, burns, frostbite.

The fruit is also used to make rosehip marmalade.

We pick the rosehip fruit from September to December. We dry in a dryer at 50 degrees Celsius.

We produce great rosehip husk.

We produce a blank for filter bags

We also produce pure rosehip seed.


A lecture on the rosehip :

In the far country of Healthtopia, hidden among green hills and wide valleys, lived an old professor named Doctor Vitaminsky. The professor was known not only for his wise lessons, but also for his inimitable sense of humor. His specialty : Rosehip fruits and their amazing ability to improve people’s health.

One sunny day, while walking his beloved cat named Vitamin, Professor Vitamin decided it was time to share the secrets of the rosehip with the young minds of Healthtopia. Gathering all the children in a large lecture hall under the open sky, surrounded by rosehip bushes, he began his lesson.

“My dear little friends,” the professor began with his characteristic playful smile, “today I am going to tell you about a magical fruit that can do wonders for your health – the rosehip. But don’t imagine that this is an ordinary lesson. No, no! This will be a journey into the world of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that dance in every rosehip.”

With those words, Professor Vitaminsky pulled out a magic wand (or so he claimed) and easily transformed a rosehip into a large, bright red balloon. “See this balloon? It’s full of vitamin C, which is a strong fighter against colds and flu. If you drop it, it will fly high in the sky, just as your health will soar if you eat rosehips.”

The children laughed and cheered as the professor proceeded to turn the rosehips into a variety of fun shapes, from little hearts symbolizing the benefits of heart health to little books depicting how rosehips can improve memory and concentration.

“But remember, my dear scientists,” Professor Vitaminsky concluded, “although my tricks seem amusing, the benefits of rosehips are very real. They are like little, red superheroes fighting for your health


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