White Yarrow ( Achillea millefolium herba )

Perennial plant. A versatile herb. Named after Achilles , who used the herb to treat battle wounds. Acts as a blood suppressant. Grows everywhere. Not capricious to soils. It is harvested from June to August.

A tale of yarrow :

In ancient times, when the world was still young and mystery enveloped every corner of the earth, in a kingdom forgotten by time, the story was told of the white yarrow, a plant with incredible powers, a guardian of health and balance.

Chapter One: The Discovery

One morning, the wisest healer in the kingdom, while wandering his secret gardens in search of herbs, came across a previously unseen plant with white flowers that seemed to have been sent by the gods. The ravnica, as he called it, quickly became prized for its medicinal properties.

Chapter Two: The Cure

Yarrow possessed the ability to heal wounds, soothe aches and pains, and restore the body’s internal balance. The healer found that when he used it in potions and salves, illnesses receded and people returned to life with renewed vigor.

Chapter Three: Defender of the Realm

Word of yarrow and its miraculous properties spread throughout the kingdom. The plant became a symbol of hope and protection. Every home had a few sprigs of yarrow as an amulet against disease and misfortune.


Chapter Four: The Inheritance

Over time, yarrow became a legend. Stories of its healing powers were passed down from generation to generation as ancient wisdom. Healers continued to use it and people continued to value it as nature’s gift to health and well-being.

Through the ages, yarrow has remained an eternal guardian of life and health, a true miracle of nature, able to restore hope and heal the souls and bodies of the people of this ancient kingdom.

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